Who we are:

Studwiz is a site created by the students of the Politecnico di Milano where you can find notes, exercises and exam topics accumulated during the university year. The site was created in 2010 under the name Andreadd.it. All the material on the site can be consulted freely and free of charge. The updating of the material is guaranteed by the students who spontaneously send us their files. Our mission is to give access to all the documents necessary to prepare for university exams.


How to participate:

To participate to the documents colledtion, upload the files directly in the course page. If the course still doesn't exist, you can send us the file using the common participate page.


How to contact us:

For any kind of issue with links or to propose us a collaboration, the best way to contact the staff is to fill the form at the end of the page. Also in case of copyright issues or to ask the removal of any file, please use the form below.

For general info, to follow the site updates or to collaborate with other students use one of the following options:

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    As always, all the material we offer you is free but we kindly ask you to help us to cover the costs for the servers and maintenance of the site. Advertisements are essential to support us: they guarantee us a completely free contribution for you but of fundamental help for us; all the advertisements present are not intrusive and do not autonomously emit annoying sounds; users of an ad blocking plugin such as "adBlock" are therefore advised to disable it when browsing this site.
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    The funds received will be used to make improvements to the site and any excesses will be given to users through competitions and donations or other means at the discretion of the authors with the same aim of bringing a benefit to the site and therefore to the users themselves.



    All the material on the andreadd.it site was collected by the authors during their university career and/or sent to us by the legitimate owners, even anonymously, to participate in the common cause of providing all the educational support to face exams with the right preparation; the material that is provided to us by third parties is analyzed before being accepted and deemed useful and suitable.

    Most of the material is sent to us anonymously by people who, without our knowledge, may not even own it; this material often does not have signatures or information on the author, and therefore it is impossible for us to establish exactly who it belongs to, let alone contact the owner to request authorization for publication.

    The anonymous files received are then published but in the event that, while browsing the site, a user should come across material that belongs to him and does not want it to be disclosed, it is sufficient that he send us a request providing the necessary evidence that certifies that he is the rightful owner and we will be immediately available to remove such material and apologize to him for the inconvenience without him having to resort to legal procedures; however, since many users find support from the material on this site, we ask anyone to make available everything that can be useful to others.

    In the same way we publish, albeit rarely, on this site some of the most useful materials written by the best professors always in the spirit of making them accessible and providing the best possible support to all students. Also in this case, if the professor in question wishes to have the material of his property removed, it is sufficient for him to send us an email to any of our contacts.

    We do not accept photographs of the exam subjects if expressly prohibited by the professor. Transcripts of the assignment are always accepted.

    Textbooks and other materials bearing explicit copyright marks will never be published on this site.

    We want to clarify again that we do not support in any way cheating on exams. We only share older exams as example and training.

    Thank you for your attention!