Base64 Decode


You must have encountered a PDF or an image file from someone at least once through email, only to see odd characters when you view it. This usually happens when your email server was only developed to deal with textual data. Files containing binary data or bytes that portray non-text information like images can be easily damaged when transmitted and processed to text-limited systems. Therefore, the signals or data are encoded to sustain their original form. Decoding a Base64 string is simply a reverse of the encoding procedure, where the Base64 string is decoded into bytes from encoded data.

What is Base64 Decode?

Base64 is the numeral system of base-64, which represents a 64-digit group and can be denoted by 6 bits. Base64 Decode tool decodes base64 to the plain text within seconds and saves you valuable time. Usually, a set of 64 characters is selected as part of a group typical to most encodings. This combination removes the possibility of the data being altered in transportation via information systems, such as electronic mail. The Base64 application in MIME uses a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 for the starting 62 values. Other Base64 variants have the same property, except they use other symbols in the last two values.

Here’s an example of how Base64 Encoding works:

Input (Base64 Encoded Text) = R2VpY28

Output (Base64 Decoded text) = Geico

How to use the Base64 Encode?

  • Copy the data you need to decode and paste it into the first box.
  • Tap on ‘Encode’ to get the decoded result.

Why should you use Base64 Decode?

Base64 Decode tool is a very efficient platform to decode base64 data into simple text. This tool saves you valuable time and assists you in decoding base64 data within minutes. This tool loads the Base64 data URL, which loads base64 encoded text and decodes it to text that is in user-friendly language. You may tap the URL button, insert the URL and set it forth. Base64 Decode tool can be easily accessed on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.


Q. Does the Base64 decode tool accept invalid characters?

Base64 Decode tool, by default, strips characters outside of the Base64 alphabet, approving to decode Base64 strings even if they do not match the standard. For instance, this reduces errors in the case the Base64 string was copied with extra spaces or punctuation marks.