Binary to Text

Binary to text is a web tool that allows you to convert a binary string to text. The Binary to Text tool is very simple and easy to use. Paste your binary string, which can be of any length, into a binary converter to process and convert it into English text.

What is binary code?            

What is binary code? Software and other applications can be made using the programming language known as binary code. Information in a computer or a system is represented in binary code. The binary number algorithm includes two distinct numbers, zero and one. For all other numbers, these can be used as a substitute.

Why use the Binary to Text tool?

It is a very tough task to convert a long section of data written in 0s and 1s into plain text because this format cannot be decoded easily and is time-consuming. You can save precious time using the binary-to-text tool to translate your binary string to text.

Every lengthy string or even an 8-bit code would require conversion to plain text, which would take time. However, using an online binary-to-text converter can make this simple.

Human language is incomprehensible to computers, and binary language is typically not understood by humans. So, how do we get our commands to the computer? To understand computer language, we need a tool that converts the computer's stored information into understandable text. A binary text tool is the best for this purpose.

Example of binary to text conversion

Binary value: 01000001 01110000 01110000 01101100 01100101

Output after conversion: Apple

How should the Binary to Text tool be used?

  • First, paste the binary you wish to convert to plain text into the input box.
  • Select the "Convert" button after entering the binary string to carry out the conversion.
  • Text will be generated from the binary code.
  • Click copy. The result will be saved to your clipboard.


How is binary code interpreted?

With the help of the binary to text converter, binary can be transformed into text. Manually, it isn't easy.

How does the binary to text online tool work?

Binary can be converted to text by pasting it into the appropriate box and clicking convert. The outcomes will be displayed in a different box. Copy them and enjoy.

How long does it take to convert?

The binary-to-text Converter takes seconds to convert your binary code into regular text.