HTML Minifier

What is an HTML Minifier tool?

An online tool named HTML Minifier tool can help users to make the HTML code look short and compressed. Web developers use this tool to make a short HTML form by removing characters like line breaks, tabs, or white spaces. This is the ideal method for compressing the HTML for any website.

The benefit of minifying an HTML code

With the help of a compressed form of HTML, you will get the following benefits:

  • The loading time of a web page decreases
  • The downloading time of a file reduces
  • The transfer of data becomes faster
  • Helpful in the better ranking of a web page

Why use the HTML Minifier tool?

.HTML Minifier tool helps the users make HTML code compressed in a proper way that you can use for your website. By compressing HTML, the loading speed of the web pages will be fast. This thing also assists in the high ranking of the web page.

Not just the loading time but the downloading time will be reduced by having compressed HTML. All these things are achievable with the help of this tool.

Example of HTML code and its view after applying Minifier tool

Here is the look at HTML data before and after using the tool:

HTML code:


  <li data-animal-type="bird">Owl</li>

  <li data-animal-type="fish">Salmon</li>

  <li data-animal-type="spider">Tarantula</li>


After using the HTML Minifier tool :

<ul><li data-animal-type="bird">Owl</li><li data-animal-type="fish">Salmon</li><li data-animal-type="spider">Tarantula</li></ul>

How to use the HTML Minifier tool?

You must follow simple steps to get the results with an HTML Minifier tool. First, paste the HTML code into the text box and select the "Minify" option to get the compressed results. The mini form of HTML will be shown in the new box.

Now copy the date and then paste it anywhere. You can use this tool unlimited times by following the same steps.


Is the HTML Minifier tool free?

The HTML Minifier tool is absolutely free and very easy to use.

How does the HTML Minifier tool work?

Copy the HTML code into the text box and press the "Minify" button below. You will get the short or compressed form in the new box below. You can now copy the data and paste it anywhere.

How long does it take to get results with the HTML Minifier tool?

With the HTML Minifier tool, you will get the mini form of HTML within a few seconds.