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What Is The Percentage Calculator Tool?

From a mathematical point of view, a percentage is known as a number or ratio that denotes a fraction of 100. As the name suggests, the essence of Percentage Calculator is to help you compute the percentage of a number to another.

Why Do You Need The Percentage Calculator Tool?

No matter in what stage of life you are, calculations and measurements are always one of your requirements as data, numbers, and statistics hold much importance in today's world. But calculating percentages manually can consume so much of our valuable time when it can be spent on something more productive.

Therefore, the percentage calculator can lend you a helping hand by calculating everything you want efficiently and accurately along with a timely response facility. It does not require you to go through tedious procedures of applying formulas, you just need to enter the values, and the solution will be there.

How To Use The Percentage Calculator Tool?

The Percentage Calculator can solve three basic percentage problems. X and Y represent numbers, while P is the percentage:

  • Find P percentage of X

If you need to evaluate a certain percent (P %) of any term(X), enter the desired percent value (P) in the first field and the term value(X) in the second field of the first box. For example, 10% of 200 is 20.

  • Find P percentage of Y in X

If you need to find how much portion or what percent (P %) of a certain term (Y) holds in (X), enter the term (Y) in the first field and the term (X) in the second field. For example, 20 out of 200 are 10% of it.

  • Find X if P percent of it is Y

If you need to determine the total value (X) when you are provided with a percentage (P %) of a certain value (Y), enter the term(Y). For example, 20 is 10% of 150.

How Does The Percentage Calculator Tool Work?

When you enter the values, the Percentage Calculator automatically converts the input percentage into a decimal to compute the given solution and returns the total percentage, not its decimal representation.


Q. Where the Percentage calculator tool can be used?

The Percentage calculator is applicable in the domain of mathematics, calculating computations in physics, chemistry, sales, tax and inflation rates, finance, and cryptocurrency.

Q. How to access the Percentage calculator tool?

You just need to have an internet connection to access this tool.