Area Converter


The area is referred to the amount of space between two dimensions of an object. If you need to convert any area of land into another, the Area Converter tool is all you need.

It provides several options, so whether it's square feet or acres, you can always use this tool instead of manual conversions involving tedious procedures.

What Is The Area Converter Tool?          

Some conversions of one area unit to another can be done easily manually. Still, other times you are stuck between metric and imperial values, which could be a tedious challenge to pass. Facing unfamiliar area units and not sure what to do? Use the Area Converter tool to help you switch between any units of the area from both metric and imperial systems.

It's equipped with seven different units of length measurement. These units have been explained to the gram below.

  • 1 square meter [m^2] = 1 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square kilometer [km^2] = 1000000 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square centimeter [cm^2] = 0.0001 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square millimeter [mm^2] = 1.0E-6 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square micrometer [µm^2] = 1.0E-12 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 hectare [ha] = 10000 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 acre [ac] = 4046.8564224 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square mile [mi^2] = 2589988.110336 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square yard [yd^2] = 0.83612736 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square foot [ft^2] = 0.09290304 square meter [m^2]
  • 1 square inch [in^2] = 0.00064516 square meter [m^2]

When Can You Use The Area Converter Tool?    

The most common use of the Area Converter tool is in homes to broaden open-plan kitchens and living rooms. Suppose your living room is not too spacious and has limited visibility from certain angles. You may use the converter to build space or create depth with its efficient programming techniques.

How To Use The Area Converter Tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required area:

  • Insert the value of the area you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the area you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to get the result.


Q. How to access the Area Converter tool?

  1. You need an internet connection to your device to access this tool. There's no need to register your account or interlink it with our website to gain access.

Q. How much does using the Area Converter tool cost?

  1. No charges; you can use this tool for free.