Each Converter


"EA" is the fundamental unit of measure for quantity. It can be referred to as 'Eaches' in plural form. To clearly understand what exactly it refers to, consider an example; when you say 'I sell bottles for 100ea", you're actually interpreting that you're selling each piece of the bottle for 100 coins. You may further specify the object's weightage and cost after determining its quantity.

What is Each Converter tool?

The Each Converter tool can convert each value from one unit to another, such as each to dozen. It is convenient to use and gives you accurate results. It can be accessed by visiting our website, which requires a stable internet connection. The Each Converter tool computes the values within seconds and saves your valuable time. It's usually used in the bill of materials to identify the quantity of an item.

It's equipped with three different units for Each measurement. These units have been explained with respect to Each below. 

Each to Dozen      =        0.083333333333333

How to use the Current Converter tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required each:

  • Insert the value of the each you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the each you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to obtain the result.


Q. How was Each introduced?

  1. The term "ea" means "each", which originated from the Runescape community years ago.

Q. What is meant by units of measure?

  1. "Units of measure" standardize the quantities. The common units include ea., pc., ft., lb., gal., etc.