IP Address Lookup

What is an IP Adress Lookup?

An IP address lookup finds the position of any IP address. One may get a lot of information from the outcomes. The city, province, postal/zip code, nation, Internet service provider (ISP), and time zone are all included in the data. Consequently, several government organizations utilize this information to identify the user of an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Ways to track IP Addresses via Email

Email IP addresses may be used to track down a person's IP address or to see where a suspicious email is coming from if you're trying to figure out who sent it.

  1. Navigate to the Email's Options menu.

When you've found the email you want to trace, click the dropdown option. At the top or bottom of the email, this is often represented by three dots.

  1. Take a look at the Original Email Data

To access a raw email, select the option that reads "see original."

  1. Locate the Internet Protocol (IP) Address

There will be more than one IP address in the raw email data. You should go through each one.

  1. Use an IP Lookup Tool to Find These Addresses.

To determine the sender's nationality, you may now enter these IPs into any search service

Why is my IP address showing a different state than I expected?

In addition, several more reasons for the lack of precision in the geolocation data. Factors to take into account include:

  • The location where the IP address was first registered
  • What is the location of the governing agency?
  • A user's proxy or virtual private network (VPN) status.
  • If you're using a mobile or not, it doesn't matter.

For example, if you are situated in the United States and the IP's governing agency is headquartered in Canada, the IP address geolocation lookup information may display Canada as the IP location. It is fairly unusual to encounter a Canadian IP address on a mobile device when looking for an IP address in the northern United States.


Do you know how IP Lookup functions?

 IP Lookup does a reverse DNS lookup to discover the IP address's associated information. If you are unfamiliar with reverse DNS, retrieving the hostname or domain name from an IP address is a networking method.

What happens if someone else gets access to your IP address?

Hackers may use your IP address to hack your computer. Your IP address and port numbers connect you to the internet. There are dozens of possible ports for any IP address, and a hacker with access to your IP may use this data to get control of your phone or other device and steal your personal information.