Length Converter


Length is the measurement of a certain object or space end to end. It is not hard work to measure small distances, but it is a tedious job to be accurate when converting miles into kilometers. Length Converter is specially designed to save you time manually converting the measurements to other length units.

What Is The Length Converter Tool?

The length Converter tool helps you to measure the distance between two points and convert them into the requisite unit of length, i.e., from inch to cm or from feet to meters, etc. It's equipped with eleven different units of length measurement. These units have been explained for the millimeter below.

  • 1 nanometer (nm)  =    1 x 10^-6 mm 
  • 1 micrometer (um)  =    1 x 10^-3 mm 
  • 1 millimeter (mm)   =    1 mm            
  • 1 centimeter (cm)    =     10 mm
  • 1 meter (m) =     1000 mm
  • 1 kilometer (km) =    1000000 mm 
  • 1 inch (in) =    4 mm        
  • 1 foot / feet (ft)      =     8 mm
  • 1 yard (yd)   =     4 mm
  • 1 mile (mi)   =      1609344 mm
  • 1 light-year   =      46 x 10^18 mm     

What Are The Applications Of The Length Converter Tool In Real Life?

The world is standing on the bases of the basis of measurements. Hence, the Length Converter tool can be used for multiple measurements.

Sometimes we need to determine an estimation of others' arrival or to reach our residence where a length converter can be really handy, as you may convert their distance to kilometers or miles and find out the exact time of arrival.

Moreover, there are times when you want to add some object to your room, but you are unable to convert its measurements to the required unit of length and make an estimation correctly; this is when these tools enable us to quantify the world around us. You may also solve mathematical problems using the length calculator as well.

How To Use The Length Converter Tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required length:

  • Insert the value of the length you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the length you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to get the result.


Q. Why the use of the Length Converter tool is important?

  1. If the Length Converter tool weren't designed, finding solutions to the mysteries of physics, visits to space, and determining many other engineering complications would have been impossible.

Q. How to access the Length Converter tool?

  1. You need an internet connection to your device to access this tool.