Speed Converter


Speed is one of the most significant physical quantities contributing to the physics of this planet. Although the S.I unit of speed is a meter per second different speeds associated with different objects could be measured in different units. For example, the sound moves 343.2 meters per second in the air. In contrast, vehicles cover distances at different speeds because of their engines, as high-speed vehicles like trains travel around 440 kilometers per hour. Similarly, all animals and humans have different speeds and can be measured in different units.

What is the Speed Converter tool?

In simpler words, speed is referred to the distance an object goes in a given amount of time, regardless of the direction of motion. Speed Converter tool helps you to convert all your recorded values to any other or your required unit of speed. It's equipped with seven different units of length measurement. These units have been explained to Meter per second below. 


Meter per second to Meter per second


Meter per second to Kilometer per hour


Meter per second to Mile per hour


Meter per second to Knot


Meter per second to Foot per hour


Meter per second to Foot per minute


Meter per second to Foot per second



How to use the Speed Converter tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required speed:

  • Insert the value of the speed you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the speed you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to obtain the result

Why do you need the Speed Converter tool?

The speed converter tool gives you answers to your problem within seconds and hence saves you time. It is frequently used for finding solutions to compound calculations. Without going through complex formulas and procedures and requiring a scientific calculator, you can easily make accurate conversions using the Speed Converter tool. It can be accessed through any browser and operating system. Moreover, it is entirely free of cost, and you may use it at any time of the day.


Q. What is the most common measuring unit of speed in real life?

  1. The Foot per second is the most commonly used measurement unit that might determine both speeds (scalar) and velocity (velocity).

Q. What is one of the applications of the Speed Converter tool?

  1. Speed Converter can be used for the wind speed to predict the weather patterns, such as pressure gradient.