Digital Converter


Bytes are the fundamental and physical entities of information in computation and digital communications. A byte contains eight bits, and a computer's file size is the measurement of how much data a file or document contains and how much space it will require to fit in. The memory of these files can also be written as a byte. The Digital Converter helps you convert bits to bytes and several other units.

What is the Digital Converter tool?

It's equipped with ten different units of digital measurement. These units have been explained with respect to the byte below.

Unit                    Binary value    

bit                       1/8 of a byte

byte B                 1 byte

kilobyte              KB        1000 bytes

megabyte MB   1x10^6 bytes   

gigabyte GB      1x10^9 bytes   

terabyte TB       1x10^12 bytes 

petabyte PB      1x10^15  bytes

exabyte              EB        1x10^18 bytes 

zettabyte ZB     1x10^21  bytes

yottabyte YB     1x10^24 bytes


Why do you need the Digital Converter tool?                       

Various programming languages use the term byte to display an integer-type variable, as it takes less space than other correspondent numeric variables. The same thing happens in the broad majority of databases. Storage space holds importance; one should get an idea of the size of that number when one wants to store an integer. For example, to store a person's age, such large numbers as to save the balance of our bank account are not needed, which might reach several digits. It would help if you had the Digital Converter tool for quick computations in these circumstances.

Sometimes, storing files on an external drive with the same memory size as the files may face hindrance. This is because only decimal notations in Gigabytes which look like 1.4 are displayed. Still, you don't see the Kb's of bytes it needs to store until you check the properties and convert those bytes into smaller units such as megabytes and kilobytes.

How to use the Digital Converter tool?

The Digital Converter tool helps you convert bytes to different units and know the precise version of the file size you need to transfer. You can easily access the tool by connecting your device to the internet. Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required digital value:

  • Insert the value of the bit or byte you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the byte you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to obtain the result.


Q. Where Mb's are used?

  1. Mb (Megabyte) is commonly used to exchange, store, and transfer high-quality data.