Temperature Converter


Temperature measures the warmth or coldness of an object. In other words, it can also be referred to as an object's intensity of heat or heat energy. It is measured using a thermometer. Although the SI unit of temperature is Kelvin (K), it is usually measured in Centigrade or Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F). The Temperature converter tool is used to find the different readings of an inserted temperature on different unit measuring scales.

Why do you need the Temperature Converter tool?

It is not much of a task to convert Celsius to Kelvin, but it becomes complicated if you want to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. To get rid of the complications, you need the temperature conversion tool. This tool is quite easy to use and gives you the answer in no time. It doesn't require you to use any long and tedious procedures for the conversion and gives you accurate results.

Temperature maintenance is an essential part of life as it affects everything in this universe. If the required temperature is not met, it might create problems and hinder existence on this planet. Therefore, learning about the temperature requirement of the land you are moving to matters a lot. You may carry out the preparations, such as deciding what type of clothes is needed and what other way your body will require to adjust.

How to use the Temperature Converter tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required temperature:

  • Insert the value of the temperature you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the temperature you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to obtain the result.

What is the Temperature Converter tool?        

The temperature converter can transform all the fundamental temperature units into one another so that you may assess the temperature you wish to get for an item. It's equipped with three different units of length measurement. These units have been explained in the following table.

               Fahrenheit               Celsius                          Kelvin

1 °F   =      1 °F                   -17.222222 °C                255.927778 K       

1 °C   =      33.8 °F                  1 °C                               274.15 K

1 K    =      -457.87 °F           -272.15 °C                           1 K


Q. Can the Volume Converter tool be used for solid conversions?

  1. You can carry out different liquid measurement conversions and even solids using the Volume Converter tool.

Q. What is the temperature scale?

  1. The Celsius scale contains 100 degrees between boiling and freezing points of water, whereas Fahrenheit has 180 degrees.