Illuminance Converter


In scientific language, Illuminance is known as the net luminous flux incident on a plane per unit area. Hence, it can be referred to as a measure of the intensity of the incident light. Lux (lx) is the S1 unit of Illuminance. The Illuminance can be defined using various units; sometimes, we need to convert it from one unit to another. The Illuminance Converter tool is a platform that provides a simple tool that helps you convert these units.

What is the Illuminance Converter tool?

The Illuminance Converter tool is designed to provide Illuminance in the unit you require regardless of the previously defined unit of Illuminance. It's equipped with nine different units of illuminance measurement. These units have been explained to the Lux below.

Lux to Micro lux = 4000000

Lux to Mille Lux = 4000

Lux to Lux = 4

Lux to Kilo Lux = 0.004

Lux to Lumen per square meter = 4

Lux to Lumen per square centimeter = 0.0004

Lux to Footcandle = 0.36000000036

Lux to Phot = 0.0004

Lux to nox =4000

Why do you need the Illuminance Converter tool?

Measuring various physical quantities has been essential in our lives since science started to develop. Today, measuring quantities have become more significant than ever. Moreover, conversion of these quantities holds equal importance as measuring those does.

The results you get from here are rounded off to avoid the numbers getting too long. It is an easily accessible tool by connecting your device to the internet. Moreover, the Illuminance Converter tool gives you quick solutions without requiring you to go through long and tedious conversion procedures. It is useful for engineers, translators, and anyone whose routine work requires working with quantities measured in different units.

How to use the Illuminance Converter tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required Illuminance:

  • Insert the value of the Illuminance you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the Illuminance you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to obtain the result.


Q. What is Meter Candle Unit?

  1. A Meter candle is defined as a unit of measurement for Illuminance.

Q. What is the biggest unit for Illuminance?

  1. Lumen per Centimeter² per Steradian is known as the biggest Illuminance unit that is 10000 times bigger than Candela per Meter².