Free Case Converter Tool

Have you ever accidentally typed a whole note or document in caps lock? Don't panic; there's no need to remove and rewrite everything. You can now use our case converter tool to change the text to the proper capitalization style rapidly. The case converter can convert lowercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase, title case to sentence case, and so on.

How To Use The Case Converter:

Whether you are a student or a professional online assignment writer, the case converter tool can make your life much easier by instantly changing the format of your text to the correct case.  You only need to copy and paste the text into the tool's working space and make the desired change. The case conversion tool will automatically repair the errors within a few seconds.

1.    Sentence Case Button:

This button will appear uppercase the first letter of each phrase and change the rest to lower case.

For instance, suppose the input text is "welcome to the online web tool kit." It is a set of free utilities." Case Converter Tool translates it into "Welcome to the online web tool kit."

It is a free tool." As it is the initial letter of the phrase, the letter "w" in the word "welcome" will be capitalized. Except for the initial word of the statement, nothing will be capitalized.

2.    Lower case Button:

As displayed in the text button, this button will convert all input characters to lowercase letters. For example, if the input text is "HOW ARE YOU," the result will be "how are you."

3.    Uppercase Button:

This option allows you to transform all input characters into capital letters, as seen in the text button. If the input text is "My Article," it will be converted to "MY ARTICLE."

4.    Capitalized Case Button:

Every word, including conjunctions, prepositions, and articles, will have the initial letter capitalized (variant from Title Case). For example, if the input text is "Case converter is a free tool," the result will be "Case Converter Is A Free Tool."

Benefits Of Using The Case Converter Tool:

  • Save time eliminating text case mistakes by simply copying and pasting the text that needs converting into the text converter tool.
  • Remove unwanted formatting elements by converting your document to plain text automatically.
  • Convert the targeted text into upper case, lower case, title case, or several other formats.


This case converter tool will lighten your load. With this simple tool, you can convert full texts, documents, phrases, and paragraphs in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is bookmark the case converter tool so you can use it quickly and change your docs anytime you need to.