Text to Slug

An online tool called Slugify, also known as Text to Slug, converts text or titles into readable and search engine-friendly URLs (Slug).

All you have to do is enter your text in the textbox and press the Slugify button. After you click the result, we'll generate a slug for you that is simple to copy.

A totally free online developer tool called Slug Generator enables you to instantly transform text or phrases into a readable and SEO-friendly URL slug to increase SEO optimization.

Enter a string into the input box to be slugified, and the output Slug will be shown according to the input.

By clicking the Copy button when you're done, you may copy the result to your clipboard.

What is a URL, Slug?                                          

The URL section at the end is referred to as the "slug." It contains the URL for a certain page on your website. It is a transliteration of the URL words, in other words. To make your page content more understandable for readers and boost your SEO, your slugs should be brief and descriptive (1–5 words).

What is the importance of the URL slugs of SEO?

Search engines and website visitors may use a URL to help them comprehend the information on a page.

Since we frequently post links on social media, URLs must be obvious and simple to comprehend.

To boost click-throughs to the pages on your website, make the link easy to grasp.

You should optimize your page's URL, meta description, and title.

In the Google SEO starter manual, Google provides some useful information on URLs.

Why Text To Slug Generator?

It is a free SEO tool for developers that instantly convert words or text into a human-readable and SEO-friendly URL slug for improved SEO optimization.

How To Convert Text Into A Slug?

To slugify text into a slug:

  • Enter text in the text area.
  • Press the slugify text button.
  • Copy slug by clicking on it.

Slug Examples

  • WEB PAGE TITLE                                                                           

 Powerful space laser detected by African telescope



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes slugs important for SEO?

  • Slugs can raise the SEO ranks of your website.
  • You can add your keywords to the URL using Slug.
  • It makes URLs human-readable

Do I need to use lowercase letters for URLs?

Uppercase and lowercase characters are permitted in URLs but mostly recommended are lowercase characters wherever possible.

  • Sometimes, web servers can tell whether a URL is in uppercase or lowercase, leading to a 404 error.
  • Shorter URLs are more user-friendly since they are simpler for web browsers to input.
  • Word-separable URLs are frequently underlined.