Remove Line Breaks

What is Remove Line Breaks tool?

An online tool named Remove Line Breaks with the help of which the users eliminate all the line breaks in the text that are not normal. Remove Line Breaks is an essential tool for correct formatting your final document. This tool can easily change the draft into a final paper with just one click and save time.

What are line breaks?

Line breaks mean you split a paragraph into two portions without starting a new section. In the line break, the next word is moved to the beginning of a new paragraph instead of opening.

Line Breaks are commonly used in poems but not in routine documents or texts. So, while having a reader, there are more chances of having abnormal Line breaks in the text.

Why use the Remove Line Breaks tool?

Remove Line breaks to give the draft a final look with proper formatting and spacing. With this tool, you don't need to remove extra spaces manually. It is very simple to use, and you can do the formatting of your draft file within a few seconds.

Moreover, in Remove Line Breaks online tool, you can convert line breaks into "Space", Dash", Or "None". You can have an option to transfer paragraphs into Convert paragraphs into the following options:

  • Space Indent
  • Tab Indent
  • Single Line
  • Double Line
  • P Tag
  • Br Tag
  • Space
  • None

How to use the Remove Line Breaks tool?

First, paste the text you want to format into the available box, or you can upload the whole file by just clicking "Upload File". Now select the "Convert" button to remove the Line Breaks. The resulted text will appear in the new box below.

To have the resulted text or file, click "Copy to Clipboard" or "Save As". You can now have the final document with proper spacing.


Is the Remove Line Breaks tool free?

The Remove Line Breaks tool is free, with various options to add to your text.

How does the Remove Line Breaks online tool work?

You can remove the line breaks from your document by pasting them into the appropriate box and clicking convert. The resulted text will be shown in another box below. Then select "Copy to Clipboard" or "Save As" to have the final document.

How long does it take to remove line breaks?

Removing Line Breaks from the selected text is done automatically within a few seconds.