Reactive Energy Converter


Reactive energy is a measure of the alternating exchange of stored energy in inductors and capacitors, which is the time integral of the product of voltage and the phase-out component of current flow over a point of supply. It is measured in VARH(Voltage-Ampere-Reactive-Hour). In simpler words, reactive energy Is referred to as electrical energy stored rather than converted to another form of energy. Hence it is "consumed energy".

What is the Reactive Energy Converter tool?

The reactive Energy Converter tool is designed to convert Volt to Millivolt, Kilovolt, Megavolt, Gigavolt, and vice-versa. The output obtained from this tool is useful for measuring and testing voltages, currents, and energy. The Reactive Energy Converter serves the electrical power system by performing various critical duties such as fulfilling the requirement of reactive power, improving voltage profiles, reducing network loss, and giving sufficient supply to ensure system security in an emergency.

It's equipped with five different units of reactive energy measurement. These units have been explained with respect to the volt below.


Volt to Volt


Volt to Millivolt


Volt to Kilovolt


Volt to Megavolt


Volt to Gigavolt


What are the features of the Reactive Energy Converter tool?

The Reactive Energy Converter tool can be easily accessed through any device as long as the device is connected to an internet connection. Hence, it can be used in professional contexts to ensure efficiency. The whole process is so simple and doesn't require you to register yourself with an account or something. You will get the converted output within seconds, no matter how large the value is. Hence, the Reactive Energy Converter tool saves a lot of your time. This converter tool can be active on every operating system, from Windows to Mac to Linux. Access to the Reactive Energy Converter is free of cost.


Q. What is the cause of reactive energy?

Inductive loads such as motors and transformers cause positive reactive power, while capacitive loads cause negative reactive power.

Q. Does the Reactive Energy Converter tool protect the user's privacy?

Yes, all the data the user has entered for the conversion is deleted from the history after returning the conversion output. Hence, your privacy is ensured, and all your data is secure.