GST Calculator



Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a subordinate tax that builders, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers must pay on consumer goods and services. The GST Calculator tool can be used to find out the pertinent price of GST on multiple goods or services correctly.

Why Do You Need The GST Calculator Tool?   

In most countries, there are five GST slabs. Suppose you are managing different GST slabs for goods or services. In that case, you need to determine the values, including or excluding GST, that involve complex calculations and even risks of it not being correct. It would help if you had the GST Calculator tool to quickly and instantly calculate GST on goods and services. The GST Calculator saves time and gives you accurate results.

What Are The Two Options About?

  1. GST Inclusive

On selecting GST inclusive, the sales tax calculator gives you the total value of the product after including the GST amount in the product's original value. The customer doesn't have to pay the tax separately.

  1. GST exclusive

When selecting GST exclusive, the calculated value does not include the GST amount in pricing products or services. The price includes tax which is paid individually.

How To Use The GST Calculator Tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required GST:

  • Insert the amount of your item.
  • Next, insert the GST rate.
  • Then, select one of the options, inclusive or exclusive.
  • Tap on calculate to get the result.

How Do You Obtain The Result?    

You get the following parameters as the outcome of the GST Calculator tool:

  • Net Amount: The amount that you have inserted.
  • GST Amount: The amount calculated per the GST rate you have inserted.
  • Gross amount: The sum of the net amount and the GST amount.


Q. How to access the GST Calculator tool?

  1. You need an internet connection to your device to access this tool. You don't need to install any software on your device to use the GST Calculator.

Q. How does calculating GST work for the business owners?

  1. Usually, the business owners add the GST to the amount, and the customers who buy these items pay the price inclusive of the GST. Goods and sales tax is a Value-Added Tax (VAT) in several countries.

Q. What is the cost of using the GST Calculator tool?

  1. The use of the GST Calculator is free of cost.