Sales Tax Calculator


What Is The Sales Tax Calculator Tool?

The tax imposed on goods and services is called sales tax. Thanks to technological innovation, we can now perform various calculations online with the guarantee of accuracy. Similarly, we no longer need to go through complex and tedious calculations for the sales tax.

The Sales tax calculator solves your multiple tax problems. It can give you the gross price, the net price, and the tax rate. On the other hand, it may also work for you as a reverse sales tax calculator. You get the results within a fraction of seconds without paying any cost.

How To Access The Sales Tax Calculator?

Our website allows you to access the sales tax calculator without needing help from a professional to make all the calculations. You can calculate your values by inserting a few numbers in the fields.

How To Use The Sales Tax Calculator?

Following are the steps you need to follow to obtain the result.

  1. Choose any of the two options: GST Inclusive / GST Exclusive.
  2. Then enter the sales tax percentage following your state or country's law in the field.
  3. Finally, click on 'calculate' to get the answer.

What Are The Two Options About?

  1. GST Inclusive

On selecting GST inclusive, the sales tax calculator gives you the total value of the product after including the GST amount in the product's original value. The customer is not charged with tax separately.

  1. GST exclusive

When selecting GST exclusive, the calculated value does not include the GST amount in pricing products or services. The price includes tax which is paid individually.

Why Do You Need The Sales Tax Calculator Tool?

The correct calculation of sales tax is one of the most important features of financial institutions relating to net business and retail exchange. Most of the time, sales tax assists you in determining the total cost for items on your grocery or medicine list.

Even small business owners face difficulties working with their sales tax procedures and established business entrepreneurs. It is best to hire an agency to calculate sales tax on your behalf.


Q. Does sales tax vary in different countries?

As state governments usually establish the ratio of sales tax imposed on the total amount, every country has its own rules. Therefore, you cannot use a similar percentage for computing the sales tax in different countries.