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Images are converted to base64 format using the image to base64 tool, which lets you customize the base64 output line length. Convert any form of an image (JPG, PNG, SVG) to a base64 string by using this tool in HTML IMG elements and CSS files' data URI. Image to Base64 tool is easy and requires no additional software installation. Your images can be quickly converted to a base64 string.

About Base64 Encoding

Base64 is a technique used to convert binary data into text that sends information over the network. Binary data can be converted into ASCII text using base64 encoding. It is utilized mainly for online media storage and transfer, including music, video, and image data. Additionally, it is frequently employed when there are character restrictions on filenames for various reasons. 

How Does The Image To Base64 Tool Be Significant?

When a web page has to download content from an external source, an HTTP request is made. The source could be another website or a resource on your domain, a JavaScript file, a CSS stylesheet, etc.

There must be fewer HTTP requests. The more HTTP calls your website makes, the longer it will take to load because each resource demands an additional request. It would be faster to embed this resource in your website so that the browser would only need to load it, and no extra HTTP requests would be required.

Image to Base64 enables you to transform pictures into data strings that you can embed in the content so that the browser can read it directly rather than having to fetch it from another resource.

How To Convert Image to Base64?

  • Upload the image file by clicking "Choose File."
  • Then, click on the "Convert" button.
  • Results can be viewed and copied. Results can be used as IMG elements as well as a CSS background.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.     Where is the Image to Base64 conversion used?

Particularly for small graphical files like icons, base64 image conversion is employed. Base64 conversion is not helpful for larger graphics files because base64 has considerable overhead.

2.     Is there any upload restriction in this tool?

Yes, you can upload an image file size up to 5MB.

3.     Is the server receiving my files as they are being uploaded?

No. local processing of your data is occurring. The server is not receiving any file uploads. Thus, your information is secure.