JSON Formatter

What is a JSON Formatter tool?

An online tool named JSON Formatter tool the help of which users can view, analyze and format the JSON data easily. This formatting tool makes JSON data simpler to understand, debug and format. With just a few clicks, you can have the formatted data. This tool is user-friendly and allows its users to modify the JSON data easily.

What is a JSON string or code?

JSON string or data transfers the information between browsers and web servers. This way of transmitting data is reliable and secure. When the browser gets the JSON String, he/she can easily view or format the string with a JSON tool. 

Example of a JSON string: {"firstName":"John","lastName":"Smith","gender":"man","age":30,"address":{"streetAddress":"150","city":"San Diego","state":"CA","postalCode":"263142"}}

Why use the JSON Formatter tool?

JSON Formatter tool helps the users understand and then format the JSON string. You will get the data in a tree structure where you can easily edit and copy it for further use.

 A JSON string may be confusing to read and format since it is present with brackets and several values. So, it is much easier to change the JSON data into a readable format and then edit it with a JSON Formatter tool.

How to use the JSON Formatter tool?

You must follow simple steps to get the modified data with a JSON Formatter tool. First, paste the JSON string into the text box in the middle of the page, and then select the "Format" option to view the data in a tree structure.

Now you can change the tree structure data according to your requirements. After modifications, copy the date and then paste it for further use.


What is the difference between JSON Viewer and JSON Formatter?

JSON Viewer shows the JSON string into a readable tree structure. While JSON Formatter tool not only shows you the data in a readable format, rather it allows you to make changes there.

How does the JSON Formatter tool work?

Copy the JSON string into the text box and press the " Format" button below. You will get the results in the new box below. You can now change the tree structure data and copy the modified data for further use.

How long does it take to get results with the JSON Formatter tool?

The JSON Formatter tool will give the formatted data within a few seconds.