What is a JSON to XML  tool?

An online tool named JSON to XML allows users to convert JSON data into XML format without charging any fee. With the help of just a few clicks, one can transfer the format of its data without any difficulty.

Benefits of converting the data from JSON to XML

JSON data is easy to transfer and lightweight, but this type of data works well for simple applications. For a complex application, XML format is way too better.

Additionally, using XML format reduces the software risk and works well for big enterprises, and it is considered a more secured format than JSON.

Why use the JSON to XML tool?

The use of such a conversion tool is quite beneficial. You don't need to hire a data expert to convert your data. You can do it yourself by using this online tool. So, to get the benefits of XML data, many internet users prefer to use such a tool.

Example of the JSON tree structure and its view in XML format

JSON tree structure:


  "firstName": "John",

  "lastName": "Smith",

  "gender": "man",

  "age": 30,

  "address": {

    "streetAddress": "150",

    "city": "San Diego",

    "state": "CA",

    "postalCode": "263142"


After using the JSON to XML tool :

<?XML version"1.0"?>








    <city>San Diego</city>





How to use the JSON to XML  tool?

You must follow some simple steps to convert JSON to XML format. You need to copy and paste the JSON tree structure in the box with the line "Paste your content here…". After that, three options are available below box:

  • "Convert"
  • "Sample"
  • "Reset"

Click on the first option ( Covert). The JSON data will be shown in XML format in a new box below. Then copy the data for further application or processing. If you want to convert more data, press "Reset" and repeat the above steps.


Is the JSON to XML tool free?

The JSON to XML conversion tool is free; anyone can use it without registration.

How does this conversion tool work?

Copy the JSON data into the text box and press the "Convert" button below. You will get the XML formatted data in the new box below. You can now copy the data and paste it anywhere for any purpose.

How long does it take to get results with this conversion tool?

With this conversion tool, a user can easily transfer the JSON tree structure into XML format within a few seconds.