What is a TSV to JSON  tool?

TSV to JSON is an online tool that gives access to all users without any subscription fee or registration process. With the help of this tool, one can easily convert the TSV format into JSON strings. This tool does not require specialized knowledge or technique and can give results with a few clicks.

Benefits of converting the data from TSV to JSON?

Tab Separated Values, or you can say TSV files are also a suitable format for storing data. However, with TSV, you can transfer the data into strings only. While in JSON format, you can have everything like strings, lists, dictionaries, etc. So, in most situations, JSON is considered an ideal option to transfer information.

Why use the TSV to JSON tool?

TSV data has some limitations in storage and conversion, while JSON is pretty simple. So, an online free tool is the best option to convert the TSV format into JSON string. You will get the converted data quickly, and there is no limitation on the frequency of usage.

Example of TSV format and its view in JSON data

TSV format:

Album Year

The White Stripes       1999

De Stijl            2000

After converting the data into JSON format:

[{"Album":"The White Stripes","Year":"1999"},{"Album":"De Stijl","Year":"2000"}]

How to use the TSVto JSON  tool?

You must follow some simple steps to convert TSV into JSON format. You need to copy and paste the TSV data in the box with the line "Paste your content here…". After that, three options are available below box:

  • "Convert"
  • "Sample"
  • "Reset"

Click on the first option ( Covert). The TSV data will be shown as a JSON string in a new box below. Then copy the data for further application or processing. If you want to convert more data, press " Reset" and repeat the above steps.


Is the TSV to JSON tool free?

Yes, this conversion tool is free, and you can access it without registration.

How does this conversion tool work?

Copy the TSV data into the text box and press the "Convert" button below. You will get the JSON string in the new box below. You can now copy the data and paste it for using that converted data.

How long does it take to get results with this conversion tool?

With this conversion tool, a user can easily transfer the data from TSV to the JSON string within a few seconds.