What is a JSON to CSV tool?

An online tool named JSON to CSV is available to all users without any limitation on usage. BY opening this tool, you can convert JSON String into CSV format with just a few clicks. This conversion tool is developed so that a man with no technical background can use it without any error in the resulting data.

Benefits of converting the data from JSON to CSV

CSV format is widely in use and has versatile implications. You can easily incorporate this format into a data visualization, excel spreadsheets, or a database. All these benefits are not possible with just JSON Sting. So, widespread usage of CSV format is crucial for converting JSON strings into it.

Why use the JSON to CSV tool?

Using such an automatic tool allows the users to save time by converting the JSON string into CSV format with just a few clicks. You don't need to add or remove anything or a character or word manually.

Example of XML and its view in JSON coding

JSON format:

[{"Album":"The White Stripes","Year":"1999"},{"Album":"De Stijl","Year":"2000"}]

After using the JSON to CSV tool:

"Album", "Year"

"The White Stripes", "1999"

"De Stijl","2000"

How to use the JSON to CSV tool?

You must follow some simple steps to convert the JSON string into CSV format. You need to copy and paste the string data in the box with the line "Paste your content here…". After that, three options are available below box:

  • "Convert"
  • "Sample"
  • "Reset"

Click on the first option ( Covert). The JSOSN string will be shown as CSV data in a new box below. Then copy the data for further application or processing. If you want to convert more data, press "Reset" and repeat the above steps.


Is the JSON to CSV tool free?

The JSON to CSV conversion tool is free; you don't have to sign in or register yourself to use this tool.

How does this conversion tool work?

Copy the JSON string into the text box and press the "Convert" button below. You will get the CSV format in the new box below. You can now copy the data and paste it anywhere for any purpose.

How long does it take to get results with this conversion tool?

With this conversion tool, a user can easily transfer the data from JSON string to CSV format within a few seconds.