What is an XML to JSON tool?

A free online tool available to all internet users is named XML to JSON tool. These tools transfer XML into JSON data with just a few clicks. No technical knowledge is required to convert the data. Any layman can transmit their data format without difficulty for transferring or other purposes.

Benefits of converting the data from XML to JSON?

JSON stands for  JavaScript Object Notation, and XML is the abbreviation of extensible markup language. Both have their benefits. JSON is a reliable way of sending information over the web and requires less space and time. On the other hand, XML is not so fast, developed, or ideal for different purposes as many applications can easily interpret XML coding.

Why use the XML to JSON tool?

.XML to JSON converting tool helps users quickly convert XML data into JSON. It is ideal to use JSON data for data interchange. So, users can efficiently perform this action with the help of such a tool.

Example of XML and its view in JSON coding

Here is an example of how XML data looks like in JSON format:

XML format:

<?XML version="1.0"?>








    <city>San Diego</city>





After using the XML to JSON  tool :

{"firstName":"John","lastName":"Smith","gender":"man","age":"30","address":{"streetAddress":"150","city":"San Diego","state":"CA","postalCode":"263142"}}

How to use the XML to JSON tool?

This conversion tool is straightforward. You need to copy and paste the XML data in the box with the line "Paste your content here…". After that, three options are available below box:

  • "Convert"
  • "Sample"
  • "Reset"

Click on the first option ( Covert). The XML data will be shown in JSON string in a new box below. Then copy the data for further application or processing. If you want to convert more data, press "Reset" and repeat the above steps.


Is the XML to JSON tool free?

The XML to JSON conversion tool is free and developed in a way that is useful for all users.

How does this conversion tool work?

Copy the XML data into the text box and press the "Convert" button below. You will get the JSON string in the new box below. You can now copy the data and paste it anywhere for further use.

How long does it take to get results with this conversion tool?

With this conversion tool, a user can easily transfer the data from one format to another within a few seconds.