Power Converter


Force is one of the significant terms in Physics which, in simpler words, refers to the work done by a body or under a certain capacity. Work to time ratio is called Power. The common units of measuring Power are Horsepower, Joules, and Watt.

What is the Power Converter tool?

The Power Converter tool helps you convert the Power units to other units according to your requirement. The most important parameter while working is time. The Power Converter tool provides a quick way of operating between several power measurement units. You no longer have to get stuck while converting Watts to Kilowatts or Megawatts to Milli watts.

It's equipped with five different units of power measurement. These units have been explained with respect to the watt below. 


Watt to Watt


Watt to Milliwatt


Watt to Kilowatt


Watt to Megawatt


Watt to Gigawatt




How to use the Power Converter tool?

Follow the below-given procedure to obtain your required Power:

  • Insert the value of the Power you need to convert.
  • Next, select the unit of the Power you have inserted.
  • Tap on calculate to obtain the result

What are the applications of the Power Converter tool?

The Power Converter tool can be used in many areas. Work done by sports athletes or dancers is also measured in Power. For instance, in the game of cricket, the Power emerging from a ball can be very useful information for the pace bowlers. Whether in cricket, baseball or basketball, reaching a certain level of Power through a ball, players often require a power converter to practice for the goal they have set up. Furthermore, the power conversion results allow athletes to perform specific exercises.

Furthermore, you can also use this converter to calculate the rate at which your various appliances consume electrical Power, in different units, at home, or in a workplace. All of the household items have their power units mentioned on them. You may enter it in the Power Converter tool to predict how many watts of Power can be supplied to an area of larger space than your house in case of planning an event for a large population.


Q.  What is the importance of a horsepower unit?

A. Before steam engines were introduced, people mostly used to have horses for transport purposes. Hence, the unit horsepower systematically compared the engines and the horses.